August 29, 2012
Wowza! Songza

My latest internet adventures have brought me to and its iOS app. For those who haven’t heard, Songza is a new free music service that provides listeners with music to suit a particular mood. Sounds like Pandora, right? You’d be partially correct if you said yes. For those who question whether the two services actually differ, there is at least enough competition to catch the attention of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Songza, introduced last fall, is based on the principle that even using Pandora, which tailors song streams to a listener’s taste, requires too much thought. To use Pandora, a listener thinks of an artist or song and then gives feedback as the music plays. Songza has ready-made playlists for certain times of day or activities, such as getting going on Monday morning or romancing on Friday night.

—Ben Sisario of The New York Times

Songza combines the may-internet-radio-be-free-for-everyone mentality of Pandora with the let’s-be-friends-and-share-playlists philosophy behind Spotify. A MacLife article sums it up best:

Billed as a “music concierge,” the free service and universal iPhone/iPad app is packed with playlists for any situation — relaxing on the beach, soothing traffic-jam road rage, getting work done (with lyrics or without), by genre, and even music recommended by some top-notch artists. 

Really, it’s free. No audio ads, no listening limits.

With thousands of playlists, easy navigation, and most importantly, awesome music at no cost, Songza is a must-download, you hear?
—Susie Ochs of MacLife magazine

Being the tech lover and explorer that I am (I was totally on board when Spotify came out and had fun figuring out the new system), of course I had to make a songza account and try it out. 

On my page, if you click on the ‘Created' tab, you can view my playlists and listen to them in your internet browser by clicking 'Play.’ 

Songza allowed me to become a virtual DJ and to play out my fantasy of turning those black turny things (yeah, clearly DJing is a strong interest of mine). Below are descriptions of each playlist, and a link that will bring you directly there.

Back when boy bands ruled the earth

Iz time to studee

A musical pick-me-up

A quiet evening

Jazz piano

To those who are reading this, I highly recommend this site for sharing music with your friends (plus, Songza’s music database is bigger than Spotify’s). It is so easy to make an account and then to make your own playlist. 

[1] Just click on the pencil button in the top right, and then click on the Contribute a playlist button. 

[2] Direct your attention to the ‘Search for new songs' section. 

[3] Type in a song’s keywords into the search toolbar. Oodles of results will come up. 

[4] Click on the song you want, and it will add it to the playlist as shown in the image below. 

[5] Repeat this process until you have at least 20 songs, and pieces from 4+ artists (anything less and Songza won’t let you publish). 

[6] Click on Release now and the playlist will be published. 

[7] Go to your songza page at and go to the Created tab. Click on a playlist to go to its page. Share the URL as you please. 

So music lovers, go forth and share playlists! May your musical explorations be fruitful. 

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