September 19, 2012
Ode to Amazon Prime Instant Video

Amazon has added a movie or two 
To its collection for you

And so I will highlight in verse and rhyme
Some of my favorite selections in Amazon Prime 

If you’re in the mood for some love and teen angst
To ‘Before sunrise’ you must make haste 

This film with Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke
Will in fact your world rock

If enough of their chemistry and wit you cannot get
There is a sequel- do not fret- it is called 'Before sunset'

Or maybe it’s some television you’re craving
Here’s a show over which the critics are raving

'Parks and Recreation' may be my favorite comedy of late
Don’t get me wrong though- 30Rock and Community are also great 

And if you didn’t follow 'Arrested Development' back when it aired
All three seasons you can watch- do not despair! 

Watching period dramas makes me quite happy
If you are the same, check out 'Downton abbey' 

After watching all this video, you’re stomach might be grumblin’
'I'm feeling like some food…maybe sushi' you may start mumblin'

But if the hour is late and there’s no take-out around 
In 'Jiro dreams of sushi' much eye candy can be found

After seeing all these dead fish though, you become a little sad
Maybe you’re actually worse, and even feel kind of bad

No worries, you can watch some fishies in 'IMAX Deep Sea' swimming
Before they went chop chop and then ceased to be living 

But now let’s take a look back into cinema’s past
Before we all forget the classics too fast

While this film may not have Carey Grant at his usual debonair
The lightning dialogue in 'His Girl Friday,' most cannot compare

And if you like me cannot help but wonder what actors were like
To 'The Hollywood Collection' documentaries you must hike

I’ve watched a few
Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn too

I love me some old school Hollywood, I have to admit;
Gregory Peck's one of my favorites, no doubt about it.

If it’s song and dance you desire in a flick
'An American in Paris' will do the trick 

Check out 'Top Hat' for more unforgettable dancing 
About your room you’ll find yourself prancing 

And if you find ballroom dancing your thing
'Mad hot ballroom' is a documentary that’s mad interesting

There’s art in a dancer’s feet, light as a feather
But also in the shape of the everyday letter

'Helvetica' is a favorite documentary of mine
Don’t laugh- there’s a beauty in a well-placed line

Or maybe not fonts but street art is more your thing
Then 'Exit through the gift shop' you should be visiting

It is here that my little poem has come to an end
Perhaps another is just around the bend. 

July 21, 2012

Happy Saturday, people. Let Paul Newman’s bicycle antics set the mood for the weekend. The man makes great frozen food for the time-starved and food-starved med student and can ride backwards? That’s crazy, yo.